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Elle Jaclyn
10 July
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I am probably not nearly as strange as I seem but indefinitely more odd. My interests tend to stray toward the alternative, yet at the same time I am stuck quite happily in the mainstream. If we were to put that sentence into something an indie kid would understand, my love of The World/Inferno Friendship Society is only matched by my love of Nightwish which is only matched by my love of Taylor Swift. This means I am a fifteen-year-old socially awkward punk kid who plays too much World of Warcraft. I am actually none of the above, except maybe socially awkward. And I play World of Warcraft.

I am a decent web developer, a crap writer with limited dedication who tries to write anyway, a newbie knitter, a better-than-average computer gamer, and trying to not be such a crap writer because I happen to like writing. I attend community college while working whatever jobs get thrown at me, jack-of-all-trades style. I would say being poor sucks, but I actually tend to always have excess money because I live a bit like a monk with an expensive laptop. I am money-savvy like that.

This journal is supposed to help me keep up with my designing, but will probably end up also containing other random things, like gaming, and writing, and the world/system I'm currently working on for a table-top game.